As an immigrant to the US in 2002, I am always missing something about my country, my city, my places, the parks, the museums, all my friends and family. This longing I have is what I discovered in this second reading of the Odyssey and at the same time, I started designing a character in relation to places. My time studying the human body at the Nyack Center gives me a point of entry to the collection of Odysseus where I explored through different formats and techniques. The relationship of the character with cities and the different people he found along his journey. The way that he expresses this need to return to Ithaca is my desire to go back to my city, Buenos Aires. It is very common for immigrants to feel this double perception that we are from both places, especially after working a long time in NYC. So, even though I have an intense desire to stay in my city whenever I visit, I have an equal desire to go back to NYC.